Forestry, Forest, Paper and Woodworking Industry /FFPWI/
(ISSN 0130-9080 print, ISSN 2312-9786 online)

is an interdepartmental scientific and technical research collection issued in 1964 by Lviv Institute of Forestry Engineering (Ukrainian National Forestry University)
FFPWI is an open access peer-reviewed international journal that publishes original contributions in woodworking and related forestry areas: technology, economics, agricultural science.

Publication frequency – once a year.


Forestry, Forest, Paper and Woodworking Industry

First edition (Founded):


Terms of reference:

Woodworking industry, forestry, economics, ecology.


ISSN: 0130-9080 (Print), ISSN: 2312-9786 (Online)

State Registration Certificate:

КВ № 11890-761ПР from 26.10.2006

Field of science:

Technology, economics, agricultural science

Publication Frequency:

Once a year

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Lviv Institute of Forestry Engineering


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volodymyr Maksymiv, Ukrainian National Forestry university (UNFU)

Assistant Editor:

Prof. Dr. Stepan Myklush (UNFU), Prof. Dr. Ihor Soloviy (UNFU)

Executive Editor:

Assoc. prof., Dr. Sergiy Gayda (UNFU)

Editorial Assistant:

Assoc. prof., Dr. Oleksandr Storozhuk (UNFU)
Assist. lect., Dr. Roman Shchupakivskyy (UNFU)

Editorial Advisory Board:

Editorial Board from Ukrainian National Forestry University:
Prof. P.A. Bekhta,Prof. P.V. Biley,Prof. N.I. Byblyuk,

Prof. M.V. Guz,

Prof. O.A. Kiyko,

Prof. V.O. Kucheryavyy,

Prof. I.M. Ozarkiv,

Prof. V.P. Ryabchuk,

Prof. G.S. Shevchenko,

Prof. I.M. Synyakevich,

Acad. Yu.Yu. Tunytsya.

International Editorial Advisory Board

Prof. Gavril Budau (Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania),

Prof. Lidiya Hryniv (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine),

Prof. Erwin Hussendorfer (University of Applied Sciences, Freising, Germany),

Prof. Ivan Kalutskyy (Precarpathian National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk, Ivano-Frankivsk),

Prof. Mariya Kozoriz (Institute of regional researches National Academy of science of Ukraine),

Prof. Adam Krajewski (Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland),

Prof. Jack Morris (University of Idaho, Moscow, USA),

Prof. Vasyl Parpan (Ukrainian reseach institute of mountain forestry the name of P. S. Pasternak, Ivano-Frankivsk),

Prof. Ewa Ratajchak (Wood Technology Institute, Poznan, Poland),

Prof. Jan Sedliacik (Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia),

Prof. Steffen Tobisch (Institut fur Holztechnologie, Dresden, Germany),

Prof. Alexander Pfriem (Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Eberswalde, Germany),

Prof. Andreas Schulte (Wald-Zentrum, Münster, Germany).

Editorial office address:

Ukrainian National Forestry University
103 Сhuprynka str., 79057 Lviv, UKRAINE
Tel.: + 38(032) 238-45-04, +38(067) 791-25-22
Fax: +38(032) 238-44-96
E-mail: f-wood-ind@nltu.lviv.ua; vmmax@ukr.net;

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